Wood and Gas Fireplaces

When it comes to relaxing in your home, there is nothing quite like being next to the fire on a cold night or chilly morning. Fireplaces have been the center of the home since humans made homes, and even before. New technological advances have made fireplaces more efficient, simpler to maintain, and much easier to use. Older fireplaces draw oxygen from the room and allow most of the heat to escape outside through the chimney, but modern day fireplaces actually draw air in from outside and radiate the heat into the house. This is a much more effective way of heating the home while adding a bit of comfort and style. 

The home is an Empire! There is no peace more delightful than ones own empire” 

Marcus Tulius Cicero

Fireplaces typically use wood, gas, or both for fuel. They can be masonry built (as in brick) or pre-fabricated factory built. They are framed into the wall so they are custom built every time and instantly become the main center point of the home. We are a licensed contractor and work with many developers in Kern County to add custom fireplaces into new or remodeled homes. Our experts have over 40 years of experience to help you find a fireplace you’ll love that fits your style, needs, and budget. Our Bakersfield Showroom features over 20 live fire displays so that you may test the flame before you buy.

Even if you live in a strict wood burning area, wood fireplaces are easily convertible to air friendly gas by adding a insert or gas line into the existing fireplace. The process is quick and easily affordable with the Burn Clean program.

Help the Central Valley reduce air pollution and save money on your heating. The San Joaquin Valley Air Control Burn Clean Program gives a rebate for business and homes who purchase a new high efficiency and cleaner fireplace.Most applicants qualify for $1500 cash-back while verifiable low-income homeowners can qualify $3000. Click here for more info on the Burn Clean Program.

Mendota Full View Fireplace.

FullVeiw- FullVeiw Decor- Linear

Slayton Gas Firepalce by Kozy Heat with Custom Shroud.

Bayport – Calloway 50 – Slayton – Carlton – Springfield

Valor fireplace with glass media and black sheen brick panel.

Linear – See Through – Horizon – Portrait Zero

Outdoor – Indoor – See Through – Mezzo – Escape