East Kern County Air District Woodstove/ Fireplace Replacement Program

East Kern County Air District Announces New Rebate Program with $2000 to $4000 Discount

Best Time to Upgrade to a More Efficient Wood Burning or Gas Burning Insert/Stove

The East Kern County Air district has announced a new program to help residents lower carbon output and more effectively heat their homes. This program has seen success in districts across California in lowering carbon emissions from residential fireplaces. Only fireplaces/inserts/stoves purchased and installed from participating retailers may be eligible for the discount. There are also no retroactive discounts allowed. Contact Econo Air before starting to ensure you qualify.

In 2017, the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District awarded almost 2,300 vouchers totaling approximately $3.8 million. The EKCACD has set aside $90,000 so far towards the program and will increase the budget as needed.


Econo Air has been selected by the district as an authorized vendor for the program. We have had great success working with the SJVAPCD Burn Clean program and know the ins and out of installing new fireplaces/stoves, as well as, what is needed to register for the program. In 2017, the SJVAPCD boasted air pollutant reductions of:

  1. 9.18.60 tons of NOx per day
  2. 47.32 tons of VOC per day
  3. 4.85 tons of SOx per day
  4. 13.93 tons of pm2.5 per day


The Wood stove/Fireplace Replacement program is open to all residents of East Kern County. All that is required to qualify is an existing wood burning stove/fireplace. Standard Vouchers are valued at $2000, while Enhanced Vouchers for Low Income areas are valued at $4000.